Squash Tail

Cruise / smooth / flow

The squash falls between the diamond and the swallow from a performance stand point. The softer rounded template allows for super smooth and flowing transitions. This is what makes the squash tail the most popular tail ridden today!

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Diamond Tail

Quick / Fast / Responsive

The shorter rail line with straight angular release makes the diamond the quickest, most responsive tail in the collection. Ride this tail for lightning fast electric surfing.

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Speed / Hold / flow

The longer rail line gives the swallow more hold and drive through the turns with a reverse angular slot for speed and release out of turns. Great all around tail for all conditions!

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Round Pin Tail

Power / Hold / Drive

The elongated rail line on the roud pin gives you a little more length. The extra length and accelerated rail curve gives you super smooth rail to rail transitions and more hold allowing you to leverage the power in punchier powerful conditions!

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Asymmetrical Left & Right

Free your mind change your lines

A longer rail line on the wave face side gives your board drive down the line while the softer rounded side is buttery smooth in your off the tops, round house cutbacks and other transition moves. The asymmetrical tails are wave specific and geard for either right or lefts. Made for point breaks, beack breaks and reefs. Choose your direction!

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Square Tail

The small wave dream

By removing the tailblock you have made your board 2 –3 inches shorter and moved the width 2” back. This decrease in length results in a wider tail which preserves volume, and increases planing area. These changes shorten the board length, the rail line and the turning radius of your board, thereby turning your board into the perfect small wave machine!

Be sure to move your fins to the forward plug position which achieves optimum positioning.

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