Package includes one Shapeshifter surfboard with tail receiver installed, your choice of three Shapeshifter tails and one set of upgraded RTM construction regular tab fins.

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    These are recommended sizes designs by ShapeShifter. If you are would like custom dimensions, please use these as a base.

  •  Package includes your choice of three Shapeshifter tails

    Add an additional tail to this package for only $59.95. 

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    • 72 $


The Podium was developed to bridge the gap between the Challenger and the Interceptor. This outline falls between those two models in the width department, making this model a favorite in all around daily conditions. A nice naturally balance nose and tail rocker help this board fit and handle any conditions thrown at you. The single to double concave give you speed and lift throughout all of your turns. Recommended for the 2-6 foot range, soft, moderate and powerful conditions.